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Anantya For the Arts


Embrace the Transformative Power of Art

Art possesses an incredible ability to stir emotions, entertain, and infuse our lives with meaning and purpose. It has the capacity to uplift our spirits, provoke laughter, and move us to tears. Yet, in our fast-paced, material-driven society, we often find ourselves with limited opportunities to pause and truly appreciate the passion, dedication, and ingenuity of artists and their remarkable creations. Recognizing this, the “Anantya for the Arts” program seeks to bridge this gap by offering a platform for undiscovered and emerging artists to showcase their exceptional talents.

Discover a World of Artistry

Venture into the enchanting world of Anantya by the Lake, where you will come across mesmerizing paintings by lesser-known artists eager to share their work with the world. Each room is thoughtfully adorned with books penned by authors who may be celebrating their first publication, providing you with a one-of-a-kind literary experience. At Anantya In the Village, gifted artists have generously dedicated their time and skills to revive ancient poetry, breathing new life into these ageless masterpieces and preserving their cultural significance.

Support and Encourage the Artists of Tomorrow

Join us in celebrating and uplifting these talented artists by offering words of praise and encouragement. Consider purchasing a painting or a book to take home as a cherished memento of your time spent at Anantya. All proceeds from the sale directly benefit the artists, providing them with the support they need to continue sharing their talents and passion with the world. Together, we can foster a thriving artistic community and ensure that the transformative power of art remains accessible to all.

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Anantya Resorts
State Highway 45, Kaliel Village, Chittar Lake,
Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu – 629103