Varkala Beach

Distance from Anantya:85 Kms

Drive Time:2 and half hrs.

Essentials:Flip Flops, Casual wear, Sunscreen, Sunglasses.

Short Description

A beach par excellence, a temple which will foretell the end of the world, a place to wash away your sins or the place to perch yourself on a cliffs edge and watch the ocean beneath you. Varkala is a truly spectacular beach. Oh! To be a bird soaring over Varkala to see its wonderful colors. A long sandy beach framed on one end by dizzyingly tall ruby-red laterite cliff and on the other the never ending blue ocean. Green coconut trees cover the cliff top and the crashing waves make a jagged white foam line along the beach. At the very top of the cliff, a pathway snacks its way over a large length of the cliff. Cafes and hotels are seemingly precariously perched on the edge of the cliff along the pathway. An idyllic place to sit down, relax, and enjoy your vacation. Find your spot in a café on the cliff to take in the panoramic view. You can shop for trinkets at the stores around the cliff. Or, walk down the side of the cliff to stroll on the beach and feel the sand between your toes. Stay till the sun goes down to see breathtaking sunset.

Varkala beach can also be a spiritual experience. The beach is also called “Papanasam” beach (meaning “washing away ones sins”). Keralites believe that a dip in the waters of the beach will wash away your sins. You will see many who come here to perfom the last rites for their departed family members. Walk up or drive to the 2000 year old temple Sri Janardhana Swami Temple (incarnation of Vishnu) on the cliff top at the south end of the beach. The deity in the temple is a standing idol of the god Vishnu, with his right hand raised towards his mouth. Legend goes that when the deity’s hand touches his mouth, the world will end!