Thirparappu Waterfalls

Distance from Anantya:5 Kms

Drive Time:15 min

Short Description

You will leave Anantya on country roads and drive through rural communities to arrive at a cool refreshing waterfall with a charming riverside temple. The falls which is on the Kodayar (Kothai) river is 300 feet wide and falls from a height of nearly 50 feet. The best experience of the water fall is to “jump right in.” (Wear clothes that you will feel comfortable in when soaking wet!) On a hot day, as you move close to the waterfall, you will feel the cool spray gently mist your face. Move still closer and you will hear the roaring thundering water above you. A few more feet in, and the water will deliciously pound you like nothing you have ever experienced before. Keep moving into the waterfall, under the space between the water and the rock face, close your ear and you feel a strange calm and stillness. A wonderful soak under the tropical sun! Upstream from the waterfalls, is a small Shiva temple on the banks of the river. The temple has many Travancore and Tamil Nadu architectural influences. The temple is very peaceful and serene. Spend a few minutes or hours meditating or enjoying a sojourn with nature. The waterfalls is a great day trip for families with children. A guard rail around the waterfall makes for a safe experience. If kids do not wish to enter the waterfalls, there is a children's swimming pool and a play area. The water flows for about seven months a year and is most abundant after the rains. We suggest that you inform Anantya staff of your desire to visit the waterfalls and we can find out how strong the water flow is on the day of your visit.