Rubber tapping & Plantation walk

Distance from Anantya:less than 1 Km

Drive Time:15 min

Excursion Time:One to two hours – can be tuned to your convenience. On foot or by jeep as required.

Essentials:Walking shoes, Shorts/long trousers, Umbrella, Walking stick, Hats/scarfs, Insect repellent.

Short Description

Drive/ Walk through a 1000 acre estate with a history of a hundred years sat a leisurely pace, stopping to see and understand the many different species of plants and trees. The Voyage - We are travellers on a voyage, always at a starting point of a new path, venturing in a journey inside and outside of oneself. Seeking harmony with one’s true nature and instinctive self. – Mr.Erhard Lederer from Germany. How else do you explain the fact that a little know tree called Hevea brasiliensis found in the rain forests of South America made it’s way to India to take up residence in acres and acres of land in Kerala, becoming a contributer to the nation’s economy. How else do you explain the lives of Thomas Patrik Madden Alexander, William Coombe, and Reginald Garnier, Scotishmen from Soldiers in the Imperial Army of Her Majesty the Queen of England to Planters in Travancore and Kaliel creating estates called Vaikundam and Ambadi. How else do you account for the life path of The Sharma brothers and his descendants from Temple priests in Tirunelveli to land holders in Travancore and now hoteliers. Learn of Three leaves in a Triad, Rubber Seeds and Buding, Mulching, Contour planting, Tapping, Half spiral self prunning and much more at a leisurely pace. Identify Teak, Mahogany, watch out for many colored insects and small medicinal plants and flowers in the undergrowth.

Rubber tapping walk - Start work at 5:00, reporting for muster and collecting your work tools. Walk in undulating terrains as you deftly slice off a 3 mm bark of a tree in a swirl. Collect the Latex, which flows out, into shells. – Thus runs a typical day of a Rubber Tapper. Leave at 7:30 in the morning to walk a few steps in the life of a rubber tapper. Understand tapping, mulching, weeding and other Rubber cultivation methods.