Distance from Anantya:25 Kms

Drive Time:50 mts.

Essentials:Flip Flops, Casual wear, Sunscreen, Sunglasses.

Tip:Please keep your valuables safe.

Short Description

The picturesque beaches at Kovalam make for a wonderful day trip. You will be dazzled by Kovalam’s 17 Kms of coastline with its rock outcroppings that naturally create 3 sandy crescent shaped beaches. The first of these beaches is the “Lighthouse beach,” named for the Vizhinjam lighthouse that stands right at the beach. A five minute stroll northwards will take you “Hawah beach”. Both these beaches are good swimming spots as the water is shallow for many meters. Further on is Samudra beach, which does not have many shops or restaurants, making for a quitter beach experience. At Kovalam, you can rent surf boards and ride the waves, rent a catamaran (the traditional wooden boat) and enjoy the beautiful sunset from the water or find a restaurant on the beach and enjoy the local day’s catch. Also flavour the other local delicacies like the local fried chicken or beef fry (Kerala is one of the few places in India to enjoy beef). Don’t forget to wash down your meal with some fresh coconut water right in the coconut shell, sold by vendors at the beach. If you are looking for classic Indian artifacts to take home, stroll down the row of shops around Lighthouse beach. These beaches have attracted International attention since the 1930s. Once a quiet fishing town, the beaches are now a big draw for tourists. After you enjoy the sun, surf, and the bustle of a tourist spot, come back to Anantya to find your quiet corner of paradise.