KaliMalai and Kuruchu Malai

Distance from Anantya:15 Kms

Drive Time:25 min

Excursion Time:3000 ft.

Essentials:Walking shoes, Umbrella, Walking stick, Goggles, Hats/scarfs, Sunscreen. You will be required to remove shoes inside the temple structure alone.

Short Description

You will leave Anantya on country roads and drive around Chittar-2. Enjoy the countryside with the lakes appearing and disappearing in the side. Pause for a moment to enjoy the open view from thedam site. As you drive onward, you will pass through rubber plantations, with sentinel like trees stretching on either side in well formed lines. Pass the Causeway, which carries water between Chittar I, and II and emerge on another side of the terrain. You will pass through typical rural areas with small and big houses with their self-sufficient gardens. The dwellings leave a small carbon footprint as a fair amount of their food comes from their own gardens. A typical saying here is ‘ChakaiyumMangaiyumaarumasam, anganeyuminganayumaarumasam’. The saying refers to a typical domestic menu, which consists of Mango, and Jackfruit based dishes for 6 months and anything else you can find for 6 months. Household crops here include Jackfruit, Mango, Tapioca, Guava, Coconut, Cashew nut, Banana and some herbs and spices.

Good spread out rainfall and good soil ensures lush green surroundings. Arrive at the base of the revered twin peaks of Kali Malai and KuruchuMalai; the abode of Mother Kali of the Hindu faith and Jesus Christ of the Christian faith. A steep climb on rough roads through typical tropical pathways leads one to the peak. One can make this journey either entirely by foot or by Jeep. Arrive at the top for a Eagle eye view of the Lake District of TamilNadu with Chittar I, Chittar II and PechiparaReservoirs. See cultivated lands, forestlands, and grasslands atop nearby mountains in the low Western Ghats. Depending on the season, you will encounter – cool moisture bearing clouds floating at touchable distance. On a clear day one can actually see as far as the sea at Kolachel - a fishing hamlet nearby.

Kali Malai - A very old Landmark, Kali Malai was one of the three positions used to triangulate and map the entire district way back in 1858 by the East India Company. It was called the GREAT TRIGNOMETRICAL SURVEY OF INDIA. Tribesmen who lived in these regions primarily used a small shrine here. The current structure was put uplater in the year 1950. Legend has it that the rock pools of Kali Malai would never ever dry up. And in a particularly bad year long ago when there was no grain of any kind to be found anywhere, there were grains in Kali Malai growing in the rock crevices thanks to the /divinity of the temple.

Today people from far and near come to offer their prayers and their service to the Devi. A yearly pilgrimage sees thousands walking from their home all the way up the mountain to the temple. Free food and elaborate service happens on all Sundays. The tiny shrine and the nearby tribal pooja site is a true cultural experience along with a beautiful views of the entire countryside. Sit awhile on the rock outcrop. You can see Anantya far below, a small patch on the horizon.

KuruchuMalai - A small walk from Kali Malai lies the adjoining mountain which in recent years has acquired the status of being the worship spot of Christians.‘ KuruchuMalaiYatra ' an annual pilgrimage of Christians in the region is believed to atone for all sins. An equal number of believers throng to the hillock on the festive days.

Offer your prayers to the deity with a lamp at Kali Malai and a candle at KuruchuMalai. Meditate – Reflect – perhaps some yoga on the hill breathing in the fresh oxygen laden air.