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Anantya is uniquely poised to cater to all your travel desires. Enjoy a quiet relaxed vacation, a rejuvenating experience, or a more thrilling ride. Make Anantya your destination or use Anantya’s location to explore Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Anantya’s location offers a great opportunity to experience the heritage and cultures of both the southern states of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. In “God’s Own Country,” Kerala, you can explore Kerala’s famed beaches, tropical rivers, backwaters and lakes, and enjoy the world-acclaimed therapeutic Ayurvedic massages. In Tamil Nadu, you can immerse yourself in the rich tamil culture by visiting ancient temples and observing unique temple processions and festivals. You can journey to some as yet undiscovered and secluded beaches. Or, travel to the surreal edge of the Indian subcontinent where three seas merge to offer you spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

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